Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Image of Perfection

I know i'm always oohing and aahing about perfect blended makeup in general and on Camilla Belle's face but everytime i see her makeup i always get the same reaction. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect foundation that would keep my shine at bay and stop me from looking 'yellow'. Call me slow, but i only realised this past weekend that on the MAC foundation labellings, W stands for warm and C for cool; i usually buy the NW50 but i've always felt that i looked slightly yellow so i'm going to try the NC50 on our trip to Sydney which is next week. Fingers crossed, i'll be able to finally meet my foundation match. I'm going to try out the studio fix fluid spf15 because it is oil-free, long wearing and gives a matte finish; and select spf15 because it is water based, long wearing and also gives a matte finish. Although i must admit that the NC50 in the select foundation does look a bit weird from the pictures as it is very light but we all know that pictures can be deceiving.
Image via Justjared.com


  1. too matte and you look like caked up dolly parton... a lil shine is what "natural" is...all about balance ^^

  2. Mentioning Dolly was enough to kill me over! Don't wanna look too matte cause i dont want to look old


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