Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Know I'll Fall, But...

These Giuseppe Zanotti ankle boots Beyonce is wearing are to die for, they're absolutely f-i-e-r-c-e! And i must have a piece of fierceness in my wardrobe even at the cost of them never seeing daylight or even falling flat on my face a couple of times before i can walk in them. I don't care!!! I know Cookie is gonna give me a lecture on buying things i can't wear or wouldn't wear but these are tooooo hot!!! For a moment, let's look past my excitement because we are all aware that there is an extremely slim chance i'll be shelling out the money for the same exact pair. This leaves me with two options of owning it: 1) Senso, Siren or some other shoe brand would make a replica and i'll be more than happy to purchase it as long as it is no more than $300 or 2) Get cheap ankle boots and head over to Spotlight to find me some glue and studs that i can stick onto them. Which will happen first? Let the race begin!!!
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  1. Or u can just not waste any moolah ^^

  2. Haha....i knew you were gonna say something like this! But admit it, they're prettttty hot ankle booties!

  3. just coz it's on B...i reckon if you put 'em on...say...Lilo...well...I'd think again...haha


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