Tuesday, February 2, 2010

High Expectations?

Everytime i go to ASOS and look at the items they've designed, i'm always hoping to see something spectacular. I have a certain expectation of what an ASOS item should look and feel like. I'm very aware that most of the prices are budget friendly but at the same time i expect them to design and sell things that don't look like i bought them from a European version of Supre. If you've been to Supre then you'll understand what i'm getting at. So far, most of the designs that hace come out in the past week at a friendly budget look good. But on closer inspection and with a change in colour options for the items of clothing, they do look like a slightly upscale version of Cotton On. I don't know if my eyes are just deceiving me or if i have an unnecessarily high expectation from ASOS. What do you think? Am i being too harsh on them?
Image via rlv.zcache.com

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