Tuesday, August 3, 2010


So...after declaring in my last post that i've temporarily lost all interest for fashion magazines, the magazine gods have retaliated with several September issue covers. After reading this post, i've only got an interest in one...ELLE UK. I'm not going to buy it outright, but instead i'll diligently browse through every page at the Angus & Robertson store to decide if it is even worth buying. For all i know, the only things attracting me to buy it might be the things that'll make me hate it as well. I generally like September issues because they are sort of a preview for the next year in the fashion world. But since i don't necessarily dress according to fashion, this is not so important for me. But i guess it'll give me an idea of possible interesting items that i could add to my mundane wardrobe.
Image via Girlznight.co.uk

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