Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Say It Ain't So

Ok, i think i'm beginning to develop a girl crush on Ashley Greene. I love what she's wearing here. It's subtle without being over-the-top and i'm seriously considering copping her style. After all, she's 22 years old which is pretty much close to moi so i think this would work just fine. Maybe throw in a bit of Taylor Swift and Vanessa Hudgens and we're on our way to stylishdom!!! Is that a word? I dunno, just made it up...In case you're interested she stays fit by doing Pilates 6 times a week.
Image from Justjared.com


  1. OMG I love her too!!!
    On the New Moon Promo tour, I would just look out for what she was wearing. Forget Kristen Stewart!

  2. LOL...where have you been missy?

  3. Haha! Ok sooo it's such a long story!
    Whilst I was in L.A (In September! So long ago), I got a call from the university that I wanted to go to offering me a place, which started 3 days after I got back from the States, so day 1 that I was home I had to go search for a house because uni halls were all full because of my late acceptance! Day 2 was spend packing, and day 3 was spent moving! Then the house I moved into had no internet for 2months, so when I got access I was so busy catching up with my work, regretably no time for blogging... then I moved to halls like 3weeks ago, and I considered blogging again, but didnt really know how to go about it! Am thinking of a fresh start in the new year maybe? How have you been anyway? I have been popping on here I promise, just haven't been commenting! Your doing so well to be posting as often as you are espesh as your a uni, I don't get how you have the time! Sorry for putting all this into your comment box! Take care!x

  4. Poor you, you've been stressed out and i'm guessing all the social activities at uni isn't making it easier...

    I've been good thanks, slacked off on my fitness regime so i plan to get on top of it in January after eating all that xmas food. I usually don't blog everyday esp during uni times; i just post blog instead so that i don't go a long time without any posts...

    Funny you mention starting again cause i'm actually thinking of doing the same but i havent decided yet. I suggest you still leave your old one up and post the link for your new blog as your final message, that way your old readers can still keep up with you (that's what i plan on doing if i start afresh)

    Merry Xmas in advance, xoxo


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