Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Perfect ASOS Find

Over the last few weeks, uni has been showing me exactly who is boss in this relationship of ours. Its just the end of week 8 for uni and this period usually oozes of essays and reports for me. My next essay is due Wednesday at 5pm and its a relatively short piece, 1000 words, so i've started working on it as i need to pick the perfect article. I've pretty much narrowed down my choices to 2 articles for now. I think i've looked at way too many articles today so i'm going to leave it till tomorrow to select which one i'd like to use. The beauty of writing essays is that i've been able to time myself on the average amount of words i can write in an hour. If i've done a thorough research and essay plan before starting, i can write about 400-500 words in an hour. But on the days i'm flying blind (not sure of the structure i want to use, no plan on what ideas will be discussed in which paragraphs), i'm lucky if i can write 300 words within the hour. Hopefully for this essay, that won't be the case. My plan is to spend the entirety of Saturday looking at the different theories i can use for my essay and narrow it down to a choice of 3 and then select an article to use. On Sunday, by the grace of God i'm hoping to wake up in time for church. And when i get back i'll select a theory to use and then do all my tutorial questions for the upcoming week 9. Monday is going to be strictly dedicated to writing my essay and sleeping! Yes, i haven't had a decent sleep in quite a while so i definitely need to try and work on that. I've been sleeping odd hours due to the amount of work i've had to do and the times my brain is functioning.

But before we even get into any of those, here are my perfect ASOS finds. I'm adding them to the top of my wish list and hopefully i'll buy one or two of them during the Christmas period.

Ok, so at the moment its Spring in Australia so i evidently shouldn't be shopping for a winter jacket. What i've realised is that its really hard for me to find a winter jacket that i actually like. So what i do now is to note down where i found something really appealing and then wait till about the end of February to narrow down my choices. And since i've started acclimatising to the Australian weather, i might just need a proper winter jacket for the next winter season. March is the beginning of Autumn here and to me, that's the perfect time to start shopping for a jacket. With that being the beginning of Spring in England, some of the winter jackets would be on sale so hopefully, i'll only pay a knockdown price if i opt for this one from ASOS as it retails for £150

My closet is seriously lacking in the dressy dress department. As a matter of fact, i only have one that i really like and can dress up for both day and night. This one is perfect as it is very girly and flirty. It does look a bit short on the model but since i'm just borderline 5'6", i think it'll be a good length on me. At £65, it does seem a bit pricey so i hope that the quality is top-notch

Well folks, that's all from me for now. I hope you guys have a good day or a good night depending on where you are when you read this. It's 1.22am on Saturday here in Australia so i'm off to hit the sack :)

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