Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Obsession With...

...Christmas trees! You see, i've never had a Christmas tree in my life....like ever! Back home when i was growing up, Christmas was always fun but we never really got a tree. Ok, so most people i know didn't get trees; except they were expatriates or have spent several years living abroad. Still, i always wanted a tree. And since we didn't have one, i always decorated our living room like it was a giant Christmas tree. I was strictly in charge of the decorations because no one else cared about them. So my mum would always take me to the markets and let me pick all the decorations i wanted for the house and she'd let me put it up wherever i wanted. My dad never complained because he knew that it was much better than me whining to get a Christmas tree. Christmas is usually all about food; who gets to eat the biggest chicken thigh, who gets goat meat, are we making pounded yam with egusi soup and blah blah blah.

Whilst all these conversations went on, i was the one dragging the dining table chair around the house so i could climb on it and hang stuff on the wall or ceiling. Our house was always so colourful and my dad's friends always commented on it because i used to put up every single decoration i could possibly find in the house. And i'd usually have them up from the 1st day of December if my dad lets me get away with it and leave them on for as long as possible.

Even though its been years since i celebrated Christmas properly, i still want a Christmas tree. And guess what? David Jones have started bringing out some cute Christmas decorations and it has me all gooey inside! Now i'm contemplating the idea of moving into my own place so i can decorate it for Christmas and finally get myself a Christmas tree. But you know what? If i get a tree, its going to stay in the living room all year (if i don't get a flatmate)!

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