Monday, September 20, 2010

I Think I Need Help

On a serious note, i think i need some sort of help. Or maybe i’m just being a drama queen. So for the last few weeks, i’ve been having really weird cravings by my own standards. Most people who know me know that i’m not one for eating raw things. But recently, i can’t help but eat sliced tomatoes sprinkled with salt; most especially those cherry tomatoes. They just look so yum! Combined with feta cheese and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, the explosion in my mouth is just orgasmic! But i’m not meant to be eating cheese in the first place because i’m lactose intolerant but since i’ve been indoors all weekend, i don’t feel too bad as i don’t have any reactions on my face which is great. But i’m not buying anymore feta cheese because i don’t want my body to get upset with me. Another craving i’ve had is green olives marinated in thai spices. I’ve been getting these from the deli section and they taste so yummy; i actually went out today just to buy these and i’ve already eaten half the can! This is sooo not good as green olives can be quite salty. My third craving so far is sucking on lime wedges. Yes, you read that right! I’ve just been buying lime, cutting them up in 4 wedges and sprinkling a bit of raw sugar and salt on the sides before sucking every single juice out of it

On this road of cravings, its good to know i’m not alone. My flatmate said she’s been craving McDonalds quarter pounders and their fries and she sure went there a few times last week. Worst of all, she was eating Maccas meal in the middle of the night yesterday so i guess i’m not too bad. And just for the record, i am not pregnant. Unless it is possible for me to be pregnant with chai tea J

Anyone having cravings? Feel free to share J

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  1. I usually just crave something boring like chocolate. Haha. I'm liking your cravings though!! :)SarahD


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