Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Disadvantage Of...

...paying £3 less for delivery from England to Australia is that it might take twice as long for your items to arrive. You see, Topshop and ASOS charge the bog standard £10.50 for delivery to Australia which although pricey, it means that your items would definitely arrive within 5-7 days after its been posted. But Miss Selfridge offered a cheaper alternative at £7.50 and my friend couldn't resist. Since she was placing an order, i decided i might as well order some lingerie from them because my most girlie and transparent undees are actually from Miss Selfridge and anything see-through always rocks my boat. On the 18th of August, we were informed that our items were on their way to make a happy union with us. That seemed like many moons ago because we are yet to receive our parcel. Worst of all, Miss Selfridge told us to wait at least 2 weeks before worrying and that in the past it has taken some items up to 4 months to arrive at its destination. 4 months?!?! For a location on planet earth in this 21st century? Its not like we reside on Mars or Venus where i would understand that it should take a considerable amount of time before it arrives

On another note, it was an extremely windy morning today, the sliding doors kept banging against their fittings and all i could think of was why these buggers didn't install a toughened glass or at least a triple-glazed unit. Yes, i do know an awful lot about windows and how they can be made more weather friendly especially in situations where they'd be used in countries that have extreme weather conditions. It is Spring here and that means rain and wind! From my observation of the sliding doors, they are definitely double-glazed and they look just like any bog standard glass sheet. That means they haven't been toughened. Usually toughened glass is made with an extreme amount of heat and the idea is that it makes the glass a bit more flexible yet resistant; technically it becomes almost shatter-proof. Not completely but almost. So this is definitely the kind of glass you want to use if you have kids running around in skateboards and banging into things because it means that the pressure from that won't have any effect on the glass. Talk about health and safety for your kids...ha!


  1. LOL...fricken couldnt sleep all night! thus my eye bags are size of woollies shopping green bags!! my gaaaahhH!!...and geez 4months? i would have bought kajillion other undies by then hahahah

  2. I dozed off with my earphones on so i didn't hear anything during the night. But when i woke up to pee i was like oh my days! It was so freaky at first cause i was like are my sliding doors gonna shatter all over the

  3. Oh, I do hope your package arrives sooner rather than later. On the bright side, I have a feeling it will be worth the wait. :) Here is the link to my cookie recipe that you asked about

    Enjoy your Sunday! And thanks again for so many links to The Simply Luxurious Life's post!

  4. The Simply Luxurious Life

    Thank you so so much for the recipe, now i have an excuse to try and bake sometime soon :P

    xoxo, Hermine-Candy Girl


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