Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Spring Confessions

Today is the 1st of September and it officially marks the start of spring here in Australia, all i can think about are magpies nesting their babies and rain. I must confess, spring is probably my least favourite season in Australia. I love what it signifies – you know, a new beginning and all – but i am absolutely scared of birds. And magpies are in their prime attack mode once its spring because its when their babies start hatching and they are always more than willing to attack any living thing that looks like a potential threat, this includes swooping on you and scratching the top of your head. I can attest to the fact that some magpies are gangsters, most especially the ones in rural Queensland (sorry Queenslanders, just had to say that). But it seems like the ones here in Gong are a bit more civilised and they seem to give some sort of signal when they are less impressed by your presence such as hovering around your feet and trying to intimidate you off the path before they divert their attention to your head

Anywhoo, before i continue with more confessions, i just wanted to say a big thank you to all the good luck wishes i got for my essay. After only 2 hours of sleep, i handed in my essay at 10.30am on Tuesday, followed it up with a 600ml bottle of coca cola which sent me into a hyperactive mood before the sugar slump kicked in. And when it finally did, i took it as a sign that i needed to sleep so i hit the sack for a power nap in the arvo before spending the rest of my evening collecting potential academic journals for my final essay which is due on Friday arvo at 12.30pm. Ok, so lets head back to my confessions for this month

I know this might sound silly, but i’m always envious of people who are in tune with their body. I honestly cannot figure out another phrase in which to explain this, but i’m hoping those of you reading this might understand where i’m coming from. It is somewhere that i would like to be someday, but at the moment i have no idea on how i’m going to get there. One thing i do know for sure is that i really need to start by sorting out my sleeping pattern. Because i think being alert, energised and in routine would help point me in the right direction. I really can’t blame being a student for my erratic sleeping cycle because i’m not a party animal, as a matter of fact i detest being in clubs. I generally would only go if it had some sort of meaning to me at that particular point in time. I think i am way too chilled out a person for the regular club scene. I’m also not really a drinker; wine is my choice of alcohol and i usually take it with meals or just for pleasure. But even at that, i can’t remember the last time i had a glass of wine. So you see, my current sleeping pattern is really my fault. There’s no one to blame other than myself and that is why i’m going to try and sort it out this month. I know i’ve said in the past that i was going to work on it, but now i really think i will. Well, i really hope and wish i do. How is your Wednesday going so far?

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