Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fresh Faced

I think it should be illegal for anybody 40+ old to look this good with just a lick of makeup. She's putting her young counterparts to shame when it comes to the 'less is more' theory. Her skin is literarily glowing in these pictures and the only things i can detect are: a bit of blush, mascara/fake eyelashes, eyeliner and illuminator. This gives me another reason to want to abduct the biatch...JieJie do you think i could pull off her haircut??
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  1. Rename to "COOKIE"...
    I say dear girl...GO GO GO!!...shall join the hairless mafia next sem...but I'm buying a wig just in case I regret it haha ^^

  2. Hahaha...
    You have to join me in the 'hairless mafia' gang. I don't really have a choice but to cut my hair cuz the bottom left of my hair has totally broken off so now i'm just braiding it myself so i don't have to comb it everyday.

    Oh, i need you to help me relax my hair sometime in february just before uni resumes cuz i need to relax before cutting. I'm compiling some pics of haircuts and when i'm done i'll send them to you ^_^


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