Monday, December 21, 2009

If you can recall from my last post on Halle Berry, i mentioned that i have to cut my hair at some point before uni resumes next year because it is currently in a messy state and my dead ends just have to go. This brings me to the reason behind this post: her HAT!!! Now if you know me in person you'll probably be aware of the fact that i tend to be religious at taking care of my hair but very lazy when it comes to styling it so a nice hat like this is going to serve two main purposes for me: keep me looking stylish on bad hair days and protecting my head from magpies during the magpie season next year. Yes i am very aware that Spring is still very far away but i am terrified of those birds as they are absolutely evil!!! Actually, the words 'evil' and 'aggressive' should be used when describing most of the animals and organisms that can be found here in Australia.
Cookie, you now have a new job: find me a hat that looks exactly like this in black, grey, navy blue or purple. I think i've been fair by giving you four options ^_^
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