Tuesday, December 22, 2009


When i look at my wardrobe and the way i dress on a daily basis, i notice that there are striking similarities between my sense of style and Jennifer Aniston's. For one, we both love wedges, tend to stick to the tried and tested fashion choices that equal predictible and boring. But most importantly, we have an infinite love for black. We all know that 90% of the time she hits the red carpet, she's definitely going to be wearing black and there are only a handful of occasions where she's actually worn another colour. If i'm right, the only other colour she's worn often on the red carpet when not wearing her signature black is silver. Don't hate on me for saying this but the only person i can think of who's worn more black on the red carpet than her is Angelina Jolie. Where Jennifer's red carpet style would be referred to as 'boring and predictable', Angelina's would be called 'snoozeville' and i'm worried about heading towards the latter category! So, from next semester, i'm going to try and wear more of the coloured tees i own to uni instead of just hoarding them in my wardrobe.
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