Friday, January 14, 2011


So last night, i had two completely different dreams. The first one was an absolute nightmare that took me a while to wake up from. I was dreaming in my dream people! It reminded me of the scene in Inception where they talked about the 3 levels of dreaming or something along that line. In my dream, i saw someone in my family line that i've been ban from speaking to or having any form of contact with. The minute i saw this person in my dream, i started screaming and it just felt like the entire room was shrinking all around me. I started feeling claustrophobic and having difficulties with breathing; almost as if i was getting choked. Why is it that whenever i have nightmares within a dream i can't scream? Does this happen to anyone else? I had to struggle for a while before i could wake up; and when i did, i had to sit up for a bit and then sleep on the other side because i noticed that whenever i sleep on the same side that i was in when i had a nightmare, the dream continues the minute i fall asleep again. Not cool at all.

My second dream was much more calm and to my taste. I don't know if i've said this before but i'm obsessed with everything French and Italian even though i haven't been to either of those countries. But in my dream, i was talking about Supernatural with a girl in her apartment and one of her flatmates (a guy) came out and joined us in the discussion (i can't even remember the last time i saw Supernatural). Anyway, he was about to go out with some of his friends and he said he'd like to hang out with me sometime if it was ok; and that he makes a good 'French Florentine' and he'd love to make it for me the next time i come to see my friend . Of course i said yes! Other than him being cute, all i needed was some French to make me interested.

On to the question, what on earth is 'French Florentine'? Gosh, my dreams can be so random! 


  1. Florentine is a type of has a choc bottom...maybe instead of chocolate French Florentine has pate? (digging into stereotypes lol)

  2. lolol....hmmm...i need to try Florentine then because you know i love chocolate :P


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