Monday, January 3, 2011

Sales Mania

I'm one of those people who stalks an item i love online until it goes on sale. That's exactly what i did with this Mischa Barton bag. I've been stalking it for quite some time and i was quite excited to find out that it was on sale. Of course, i had to wait to find out if any of my friends wanted anything from ASOS before doing any online shopping. But while i was online staring and drooling over the bag, it went out of stock. I thought i was going to have a mini panic attack but luckily as at this afternoon, it was back in stock and i wasted no time adding it to my basket. All i need to do now is sit back and wait for this baby to arrive home to me. I hope it looks as awesome in person as it does in the picture. I also ordered these boots in anticipation of our upcoming winter as i only have one pair of decent boots. The one i had last winter is on its last legs as i absolutely wore it to death. This slinky dress is also making its way towards me and now i can gladly say that i have the dress i've been coveting for months!!!

So, how did your New Year's celebration go?

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