Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flood Issues

If you've been watching the news by now then i'm sure you're aware that the most of Queensland has been inundated by floods and about 3/4 of the state has been declared a natural disaster zone. This is so scary and i've been watching it on the news since last night and my heart goes out to all those people that have been affected by the floods. I can't even begin to imagine what they're going through at the moment. While i was watching the news last night, the Sunshine Coast river was highlighted as one of the places that might be affected and 2 years ago, i was living on the Sunshine Coast.

Some places in northern New South Wales are also being affected by floods and i truly pray that we in the Gong region do not get affected by this. After watching the live coverage last night i could not help but scrap together some cash and donate towards the flood relief fund. I might not have much but i know that every dollar helps at the moment and going hungry for a little while is not that much of a big deal because if i can do it to save for something, i can certainly do it for this.

If you're interested in donating towards the flood relief (both within and outside Australia) click here. I'm yet to find the link for the NSW flood relief (if they have one)

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