Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quick Question

I'm looking to get a vegan protein powder to incorporate into my diet. The two main reasons are (1) I haven't been consuming much protein as i don't eat meat often anymore as it takes too long for me to digest and (2) I'm lactose intolerant so i can't use a protein powder that has any form of diary milk/products in it cause i'll get sick. I went to the health food shop in town today and they had a pea protein isolate powder. While doing a search online i also found a soy protein powder and now i'm not too sure which one i want to purchase. The pea protein one has the option of flavours while the soy protein one only comes in the natural flavour. I haven't really done the whole protein powder/shake thing so i actually have no idea what to expect from it. The lady at the health food store told me she uses the vanilla flavour of the pea protein powder.

But i'm looking for more options/suggestions/ideas if i can get any which is why i'm posting this. I also want to start out with a small size (500g is the smallest i've seen) just in case i absolutely detest it so i can use it without feeling like i have to wait for forever before it's finished. 

For those who might be interested, i found some recipes on using protein powders as a meal replacement and you can check it out here. This site actually sells protein powder as well but theirs is 1kg

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