Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Stylish Blogger Award

Hey guys, i've just received the 'Stylish blogger Award' from the beautiful Adrienne of The Rich Life (On A Budget) and i'm quite chuffed by it. Thanks a lot Ma'am :). I need to share 7 things about myself so here we go :)
1. I have 6 given names but i only use 2 of them in all my official documents
2. I have a phobia for treadmills. I'm really scared of that conveyor belt thing that keeps going round and round. The few times i've been on a treadmill (in England) i always had someone standing next to me and making sure that my paranoia doesn't get the best of me
3. I've been living away from home and travelling since i was 15. The first 2 years, i went back for a few visits but i haven't gone visiting in 6 years now. I'm not sure that i'll let my kids do this though but i'm grateful for the opportunity my parents have given me and the independence i have :)
4. I learnt how to read using my dad's car magazines. Growing up, i've always been obsessed with looking at magazines and my dad felt it would be best if i read his car magazines to him as a way to practice whatever English i learnt in school while he relaxed in the evening. 
5. I'm currently learning how to speak French and Italian with the help of my trusted iPod
6. For some unexplained reason, i find it really difficult to throw away tomato cans. I pretty much put everything recyclable in the recycling bins. But when it comes to these, i always find an excuse to keep them after using its contents. I always end up wrapping them in some fancy paper and using it as a pencil holder, makeup brush cup and anything else that's longer than the can. I currently have all mine covered in silver paper.
7. I've been collecting stamps since i was 12

Phew! Those were hard to come up with. I'm meant to pass the Stylish blogger Award on to other bloggers and i've picked 7 of my favourite.


  1. Hermine - thank you very much. And more importantly, congratulations on receiving a much deserved award. Have a beautiful Thursday. :)

  2. Aw, yay! You picked my blog...thank you so much! Can't believe you have 7 names, I thought the Irish were bad!! haha. What an amazing opportunity you are having with all that travelling-amazing. :)SarahD xx

  3. Thanks a lot guys, very much appreciated :)

  4. Congrats on the award Hermine! Those are awesome facts that you shared, really! haha, totally personal and awesome to read! 6 names, really?? lol
    And thank you so much for choosing me for this award!!! It really means alot! :)


  5. Hello Hermine,

    Thank you for posting your 7. I love the tomato can fascination. That's really quite a cute idea. Maybe you could post a picture of one of your silver covered cans?

    I admire that you have been on your own since you were 15. You must be an old soul - very mature for your age.

    You are so interesting, Hermine. I look forward to continuing to getting to know you even more.


  6. Thanks Kara and you're very much welcome; i'm looking forward to reading yours

    Adrienne thanks a lot for that, i'm blushing over here :) I'll definitely post a picture of my can and maybe some of my other recyclables that i haven't decided what to do with yet

    xoxo Hermine

  7. Thank You! Thank You, Hermine! It is my first Award. You facts were great, especially the tomato soup cans. I Love Your Blog & you absolutely deserve the Award. Congrats!!!

    xoxox~ Jodie

  8. Thanks a lot Jodie, and you're welcome :)

    xoxo Hermine


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