Thursday, January 6, 2011

Orange How Do You Do?

I honestly can't explain why i'm in love with Drew Barrymore in this dress. I know that the dress does look a bit odd towards the bottom which gives it a weird fishtail effect. I'm also loving the colour coordination of her lips and her cheeks. She pulls it off quite well i think.

How's everyone doing so far? Finally gotten into the groove of the New Year? Well, i gained about half a kilo from this holiday season so i desperately need to work that off because i don't want anything to keep piling on me. 

On another note, i finally gave in and opened a Tumblr page. I've been loving the whole idea of being able to reblog a post you're in love with. Don't worry, i haven't given up on this blog yet. I'm merely using my Tumblr as a photo storage and kind of a way to figure out my interests without the use of too much words :) So, feel free to check it out here


  1. Is your theme one of the ones provided or did you find it somewhere? anywhooo coz you love me and all

  2. Yea, it's one of the ones provided


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