Monday, January 24, 2011

Lost An Entire Folder!

Last night my laptop crashed while i was reading some notes i have on my laptop. One of my folders was open when this happened and i didn't think anything of it. Today i decided to go through everything on my laptop so that i could update the back up documents i have on my external hard drive. To my disappointment, i found that the folder i had opened last night has completely disappeared from my laptop. I'm a 110% sure that i didn't mistakenly delete it. I've also checked all the other folders on my laptop to see if it moved somewhere or if it got renamed but none of the above happened.

I'm one of those people who likes to make notes of everything i read that interests me. This includes notes from things i've watched on TV, books i've read and also posts that have been written by online bloggers. Every single note i've taken in the past year or so went to this folder. Unfortunately for me, this is one folder that i forgot to back up on my external hard drive so i've pretty much lost all my notes. I tried restoring my laptop settings to an earlier time and all i get of my lost folder is a shortcut that isn't working. I'm trying my best to stay positive about the whole thing and not let this ruin my beautiful Monday or be a bad taste in my mouth for the rest of the week.

As my Mum always likes to remind me, everything happens for a reason. Maybe my laptop is helping me do some much needed laptop cleaning and revising. Maybe this is a sign that i should go read some of the books i have again. In any case, the good thing is that i still have my favourite books with me so i'm going to read them again. And most of the online notes i got were from The Happiness Project, The Simple Luxurious Life and The Moptop Maven. So i'm going to take my time and slowly go through each blog and take notes again. And this time, i'm going to back up each document as i save it on my laptop.

This experience actually made me back up my entire laptop so now everything is safe. Being my paranoid self, i'm tempted to back up some documents on my MP3 player just in case my external hard drive goes mental.


  1. Oh hun, thats horrible.. but your mum is right, everything does happen for a reason! SMILE :) xoxo


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