Monday, January 17, 2011

Opinions Please

What do you guys think of their outfits? I'm still unsure of how i feel. I'm hating Jennifer Love Hewitt's big bow on her dress (above) as its hiding her beautiful curves that i absolutely love. Everytime i see a picture of her, i remember my uncle because her shape is his idea of a perfect bod :) 
I actually love everything on Kirsten Dunst including the dark makeup; but i feel like something's off with the whole package.


  1. Hermine,

    Both of these beautiful women are doing themselves a disservice by wearing these dresses.

    Kirsten looks like a lollipop - her head is huge compared to her body. Has she lost weight recently?

    And J.Love's dress just looks plain silly - my guess is she's looking for attention. Do you suspect that, too?

  2. I'm afraid to say I don't hate Jen's dress, I think its a gorgeous dress, but I do get what you mean about the shape. I did love Amber Heard's dress from this event, she looked divine! xoxo avs

  3. Adrienne i think Kirsten might have lost a few pounds for a movie she just shot. It does look like J.Love is looking for attention cause her dress seems like its suffocating her 'twins'. Everytime i look at the pic again i keep having mixed feelings :/

    Avs i really wish i saw a picture of her in that dress from the side or back cause it looks too small. How did your essay go?

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