Thursday, April 2, 2009

Girl Crush, Shoe Obsessions & Rantings

When i saw these pictures of Gwyneth Paltrow on Just Jared, my chin hit the floor! I swear i could seriously turn lesbian just to have her to myself...yes you read that right! I could definately cross to the other side of the road. She's my idea of the ideal girl/woman, the kind i really want to be. She geeky but still sexy, beautiful, a mother and not too obvious. She's hot but not in an obvious way like Beyonce or some of the other ladies. She's the kind that has the 'cinderella factor'. For me the cinderella factor is when someone you usually wouldn't fall for slowly catches your heart without you realising until you're really deep in it and drowning.
After seeing these pictures of her in this dress and see how banging her body looks without having to show much skin, i've decided i'm definately going on a diet and fitness overhaul from next week! Seriously, you can't even begin to imagine how gaga i am over her pictures. Anyway, by the time i had the courage to look down from her face, i saw her beautiful Louboutin booties. Her whole ensemble for me is french chic at its best! its effortless chic without even trying hard, it just looks like she threw it on and left the house. So i would definately be saving up for this or looking for a replica of it.

Talking about cheap shoes and replicas, i have to say that Payless Shoes are definately a false economy. I entered the shop in Wollongong for the first time and my eyes caught some beautiful flats in sequins and animal prints for less than $50 bucks! In May, i'm certainly going to buy at least 4 different flats from the shop and they're gonna be my winter staples.
Its been a pretty emotional week for me; the stress of uni has slowly started pilling up and i've also started feeling lonely and alienated and real estate agents certainly don't help these issues either. And with the economy in a recession, it has become increasingly difficult to create happiness and elevate my mood as that's usually done with the arrival or purchase of a new item! So i'm hoping that when my dVb sunglasses arrive, it would be just what the retail doctor prescribed for me....medicine to my soul. Right now i'm in need of lots of love so if you can share that with me, that would be extremely great. I've always wondered why no one has come up with a non-chemical-anti-deppressant-medicinal way of giving love and happiness? Especially in this 21st century of ours where almost anything can be know genetically modified plants, aliens, why not genetically modified love, happiness and companionship? Why can't i walk into my local Coles or Woolies and purchase it? Why can't i get love from the counter for $50 bucks?
By the way, someone needs to tell Valentino to lay off the tan because he's beginning to look like corugated cardboard paper!
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