Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On My Radar: CUE

I happen to be one of those people who absolutely adore winter. I love it because it's the best season to experiment with your style, try different ensembles on. You can easily be adventurous because it is the season to cover up amidst the freezing weather outside. So when it comes to creating a winter wardrobe, three things are essential for me and they also happen to be things i'm very picky about: a winter coat/jacket, gloves and a neck scarf.

I've pretty much been ranting for like forever on how difficult it is to find a beautifully made coat or jacket in Australia at a reasonable price. Well, i can now tell you that i don't need to order my winter coat from the UK or US because Myer has revealed a hidden gem to me. I introduce you to the fashion label CUE which is 100% made in Australia, not like Bonds that is shipping their production overseas. Instead, the materials are imported into the country such as silks and wools from Italy and crafted here on our soil.

Anyway, ethics aside, i saw a beautiful grey coat from CUE today at Myer and i tried it on...yes ladies i did and to my freaking suprise, i was a size 14!!!! For me this is like winning the jackpot because it actually means that i've dropped a dress size and have a potential to shrink another size or two. I couldn't be any more happier and for this, i'm rewarding myself with a very luxirous facial!!!!! It's a button down jacket made of 60% wool, 20% polyester and 20% something else, sorry but i can't remember what it was. This coat is classic and would be adorning your wardrobe for years and would also set you back about $295. I think that's a healthy investment to make in a coat considering the fact that it'll be worn on the majority of days during the winter months. This coat - which i just placed on lay-by - can take you from morning to evening. It can be casually worn with jeans and sneakers or with a beautiful dress and heels to go. So if you ever happen to be in Myer, i suggest you take a look at CUE. The prices can be a bit scary so i would invest in classic pieces instead of something on-trend.

Just in case you love the tweed look of Chanel, there are some pieces that are made from tweed and very chic. But if that isn't enough to convince you, CUE only makes a limited number of pieces for each size [6-14] and they never restock the items afterwards so it gives you a chance to be one of the select few wearing them. This is even more exagerrated if you live in a small town because my local Myer only carries about 10 pieces of each design CUE makes and they NEVER restock; so that's 2 pieces per size!!!

Happy shopping.

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