Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mischa Oh Mischa

I must admit that i've never really been a fan of Mischa Barton or her outfits. So this is a rare occasion for me to actually like EVERYTHING she's got going from the scarves and rings to her boots.
Her boots are really cute and i'm tempted to actually find something that looks like it eventhough i can't walk in stilettos. I also love the acid wash denim she's got on. If this was Rihanna, i can bet you my entire wardrobe that she's have paired it with red lips and over ripped jeans just to prove to us that she's tough and stylish. Riri's style is beginning to gross me out so let's not even go there...
I love the fact that she's got 2 scarves on and they both complement her jacket. I REALLY love that blazer she's got on and it'll be perfect for the winter weather here in NSW as i like to believe that it doesn't get as cold as the UK. Maybe i can find myself something that looks like it. This is the first time ever that i'm actually interested in copying Mischa's entire outfit sans the bag.
Doesn't she just look chic?
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