Friday, April 10, 2009

Your Autumn & Winter Wardrobe

Before i talk about the cold weather wardrobe essentials, might i just say that the MID SEASON SALE in Australia has begun. If you've always wanted to buy something or happen to have a wishlist like i do, this is the time to head into the shops. I'm telling you people...i went into Myer yesterday and i had to leave quickly because the sale prices are ridic.....30% off some items from Basque...all bags from Basque were $75 yesterday at Myer wollongong....i wanted to punch myself in the face. Seriously!!!! I swear the recession is leading to great sale prices so better head down to your local shopping centre and shop WISELY!!!! No unneccessary purchases people! You need to tighten the belt ok??? If your belt doesn't have a buckle or any fastening holes then now is the time to invest in one.

I'm currently preparing for my autumn and winter wardrobe update and i usually make a list of items that i need to replenish my wardrobe for the cold season. Sure, Australia's winter is like Autumn or Spring in some countries but the cold season happens to be my favourite season off all. It is also an excuse for me to play dress up because you can afford to wear thicker clothes and more layers compared to summer where you might be contemplating peeling your skin off due to excruciating heat! During the week, i talked about recession shopping and i've just found a couple of fab deals to make you look scrumptious during the autumn and winter without creating a major dent in your wardrobe. My advice would be to spend this Easter break evaluating the items you have in your wardrobe and creating a list of new possible additions to complement what you already have. Don't go spending money on flimsy unneccessary purchases in these hard times.

For those of us who live in Australia, sunscreen and sunglasses are a must because the sun is ALWAYS shining here irrespective of the weather about a sunny winter!!! And to coincide with the new season, Ray Ban has released a new must have sunglasses's called 'THE CAT' and it is a re-invention of a vintage classic and you'll soon see everyone who knows anything sporting them. But these bad boys are gonna set you back a whopping $300!!! Yup, $300! I'm sure you could replenish your wardrobe for that amount. Luckily, i've found two options to put a smile on your face that woulldn't break the bank. I'll be writing my wish shopping list at the end of this post and i'll include the sunglasses.

I also blogged about getting long gloves for winter and i've found TWO of them is leather which is remarkably expensive - $130 - but they come in classic colours so could be considered an investment. But i also found a knit alternative for my long gloves which come in at $60 and these babies are so chic you could wear them from day to night without the need for the fashion police to put you behind bars. The best thing i love about fashion is that you could be someone else just by changing your ensemble. But remember three things: 1) Your accessories can make or break your look so accessorise wisely...purple and black are the colours of the season. 2) Shop smartly. This means spending more on classic pieces and colours and saving on the fads...think jodhur should spend the least amount possible on these as they're gonna die out of fashion soon. 3) If it takes you more than 5 minutes to decide if a look is hot on you or not, don't waist your time buying it as your instincts are always right.

So having said all that, let's get to the fun part....MY POTENTIAL SHOPPING LIST....
* Sunglasses: This pair from Oroton has the shape of the new 'CAT' sunnies from Ray Ban but costs less than half the price at $135 while these from Sportsgirl are even cheaper at $30. If your sunglasses don't come in a hardcase, it is worth investing in one as it means your sunnies are better protected when in your handbag.

* Gloves: These are pretty much a basic in any winter wardrobe and i usually like to have various options just to spice up my look once in a while. You can get a long knitted glove from Country Road in black, navy two toned and charcoal two toned for $60. You can also purchase a washed leather glove from Country Road for $130 in chestnut or black. For $30, you can get black leather gloves from Barkins.

I have to say that since i'm cutting down on my expenditure, the majority of my winter wish list is actually coming from Barkins and i have to say it's a pretty good deal. Here's what i have my eyes on...

Tuxedo Jacket , $80 OR Suit Jacket, $70

Lace detail tunic, $30

Longer lenth cardi, $40

Wide stripe cardi, $40

Cashmilon sweater dress , $30

Winter trilby, $25

Plaited knit scarf, $20

Zip legging, $20

If you're not interested in clothes shopping but are in desperate need of a pick-me-up, there's nothing better than a RED LIPSTICK to boost your mood and confidence. Just walk up to the Chanel/MAC/Shisiedo counter and tell them you're looking to purchase a red lipstick and they can make you over with various options and you don't even have to buy any when you're done. But if you really want to purchase one, might i suggest MAC's Ruby Woo or Russian Red??? These babies are on FIRE!!!

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