Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Love, Kissing, Action & Drama!!!

So, the easter holidays are just around the corner...and the recession is just around the corner as well. No actually it ain't, its just a breath away from me. The recession is stopping me from enjoying some well earned pleasure by going shopping! I can't create some sort of love or excitement for myself because of the frigging recession!!! Just imagine how the whole world can cripple the pleasant effect i can get from walking into a shop and buying myself a Chanel nail polish and a very rich moisturiser. After which i'll head into a nice salon that can offer the services of a luxirous facial and full body massage!!!
So yes people, since i can't afford to buy love from a shop anymore, i need someone to offer it to me for free and this certainly comes in the form of a guy willing to give me a free back rub. No, lets add something extra to about a foot massage as well using a nice grape body oil from L'Occitane??! I can alreasy begin to feel the feelings of getting a body rub. Oh, i also need some slurpy loving and some nice pash action.....full on experimental excruciating pleasant enjoyment of lip locking goodness combined with bottles of Sauvignon Blanc and some nice juicy chicken pleasantly marinated in Nando's sauce!!!
Yeah! I'm crazy like so so and so but you get the point!

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  1. Oh god what a Photo!!! :) happy to see ur blog is easy to read and nice to see. wish u a happy day!!

  2. Ha ha...thanks for stopping by SoulMate and hope you have a good day too...Come back soon ^_^


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