Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Serious Envy

I have to admit that i'm suffering from a case of serious envy. I just love Vanessa Hudgens. I couldn't care less about what she does in her personal life because she's not my friend but whenever she steps out, she always looks nothing short of FABULOUS and i'm sure Kimora Lee Simmons would agree with me on that one. She's also always dressed appropriately for her age. I'm loving those wedge heels she has on and i'd kill to get one in my size!!!
Now lets talk about that peach/orange clutch! as a matter of fact, i'm slightly unaware of what colour it is as my eyes have issues with registering certain colours but i love the fact that it's got a kind of metallic sheen to it. And it just works soooo well with her dress and skintone.
Frontal view....
Nothing about Vanessa is complete without that flawless makeup she always has on. I love how the colours just melt into her skin and gives a luminous illusion....you can't see the beginning or the end as it has been blended in perfectly. From what i can see, it seems like she's only wearing makeup in certain areas as her forehead looks foundation-free. Adda girl!!! Now can you pleaseeeeeeeeee send me a pair of wedge heels??
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  1. Hey Hermine! You can check on my blog and find some great findings for Vanessa's wedges :) http://wantandafford.com/2009/sandals/readers-request-vanessa-hudgens-and-cynthia-vincent-luella-wedges/

  2. Hi Anna, thanks for the heads up, will definately do :)

  3. i've just updated the post about Luella wedges by adding new lookalike pair :) check on it! http://tinyurl.com/db2ano

  4. Thanks Anna, i'll check it out :)


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