Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Miss Selfridge & Dorothy Perkins

One of the things i love about shopping online for clothes is the fact that you can get items at a cheaper price from anywhere across the globe and sometimes these clothes are usually unique to you because not everyone where you live is buying from that particular place. When i lived in the UK, two of my favourite shops were Miss Selfridge and Dorothy Perkins. I love them because they've got classic designs with a twist but their clothes also fit my body shape perfectly. Their sizes are also generous which means that the clothes just hug and kiss every crevice on your body.

So imagine my excitement when i was browsing their website today and realised that they've started shipping to Australia!!!!!! I already have a long list of items i plan on buying from them once my shopping ban is over. Actually i might even have to order them just a week before my ban is over so that they get here in time as it usually takes about 7 working days for items ordered from the UK to arrive here. In Miss Selfridge, i usually go for jeans, tees, bags and their unique dresses while i favour Dorothy Perkins mainly for coats and skinny jeans.
Browse through both sites and tell me what you like in the comments box.


  1. hey, i also like online shopping for the same reason :)
    i checked your shops, miss selfridge pieces resemble topshop, but they're cute. i loved check strapless dress, 40 pounds. thx for links and have a great day :)

  2. I've just surfed in internet to search post info and checked on Miss Selfridge. There I've found a great mini skirt similar to Proenza Schouler, but for a less money of course :) Have a look and thanks for such shop hint :)

  3. Hi Anna...i totally agree with you about the benefits of online shopping. You're right about Miss Selfridge being similar to Topshop items. I guess it's great because Topshop's clothes fit people with slender figures while Miss Selfridge has room for boobs and hips.

    I saw the skirt you're talking about, there are also several zip skirts and dresses :)

    You have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


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