Friday, April 3, 2009

The Paris Hilton Effect

If you'd asked me what i thought about Paris Hilton last year, i'd have said she's just a dumb blue-eyed blonde. but this year, my opinion has certainly changed. Sure, she's a media personality who happens to say the most retarded things at certain times but you gotta love a girl who totally believes in herself eventhough she might come across as silly. Now i just think of her as someone who's making the most of whatever is going on in her life at any given moment. She always seems like she leaves behind whatever shit has happened to her previously and just moves on with the future. I on the other hand, i'm the total opposite!

I find it very difficult to let go of stuff that's occures in the past and it always seems to affect and permeate ever situation that occurs after it. It's like i'm a sea bed where heavy particles just sink down, deposit themselves and wait for some situation to arise and these issues just float towards the surface to remind me that they certainly are there.

Digressing for a minute or two, at the moment i'm totally going crazy over ankle boots and it comes at a perfect time as winter is just around the corner for us Ozzies. I'm totally digging Paris's boots at the moment with all the studs in it; certainly adds some rock chic credentials to the look. Not too sure about her red lips though but i'm sure we can make that slide.

What do you guys think about this futuristic look she's sporting for a photoshoot...YAY or NAY?

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