Thursday, April 9, 2009

Where Is Target In Ilawarra?

You might say i'm silly, sad or pathetic but i refuse to accept that the 'recession' is an excuse to stop shopping or making an effort to look like a human being that deserves to live on planet earth! After all, if we all stopped shopping then the entire world would actually sink into a DEPRESSION which is worse than a recession...

I sat on the bus today with a young girl that stank like she just swam through the gutters of the Ilawarra region. No she did not look homeless neither did she look hungry; she didn't smell like she had a medical body odour! She just stank like someone who didn't give a rat's arse about having a proper shower! I'm sure she could afford to buy herself a bar of soap and sponge instead of wearing excruciating layers of black eyeliner and smelling like she'd been smoking for the whole of NSW!!! Lack of a proper body wash combined with the stale smell of ciggies is worse than being the ugliest girl on the planet!!!

Anyways, with the recession and my shopping ban coming to an end in a couple of weeks, i'm refining my shopping methods and knowing where to save and when to splurge!! This season's trend of all things tartan and plaid or whatever you choose to call it isn't going to make me break the bank. I've decided i'll be test-driving this trend with cheaper options from Target! Plus i can also score a new pair of skinny jeans from them for $50 max; how delish is that?!?!?! You can also purchase a checked shirt from Target for $35! What a bargain.....hmm...whatever!!!

So it begs for the question: Where the hell is Target because it certainly isn't in Wollongong as i havent seen it yet!!! I doubt it's in Figtree either as the only thing i saw was if you happen to know where it is, please give me the address before i go bonkers! By the way, if you'd really like to blow the bank on a designer gear in tune with the season's love of tartan, i suggest you purchase the new D&G sunnies which has the tartan red pattern on it for $350 from Sunglasses Hut.

Another hot property for winter is a leather glove in purple. But not just any leather glove people...make sure it's a little bit longer than the average gloves you'd sport for winter! You can get a pair from Myer in store or even Oroton....that's if you happen to know any store other than Myer and David Jones that stocks Oroton. Oh, and if you do, be nice enough to let me know!!!


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