Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 21: In Search Of A Chic Rucksack

So, the exam season is almost upon me so i've had to buckle down and TRY to do some studying. I swear it's like i have a very short attention span because 15 minutes after i start studying, i always manage to get distracted by something even though i have a strict plan i must stick to because my exams start next week on the 17th. I've been distracted today by a rucksack. Yep, you read that right. My accommodation next semester is about a 30 minute walk to uni so i need a more comfortable bag that i can lug my textbooks in without damaging my shoulders. I've been using my handbag to carry my textbooks all semester and i have to say that i'm slowly feeling the effect on my right shoulder. What's worse is that i'm not accustomed to carrying bags on my left shoulder so whenever i make the switch, it becomes really uncomfortable that i have to return the bag to the right side.

So if anyone knows where i can get a nice looking rucksack that i can easily wear with dresses, skirts and flats without looking like a tomboy or a kid, please please let me know. The main reason i hate rucksacks is that they're either sporty or childish. I'm yet to find one that's actually chic, beautiful and fashion-forward. I'm not ready to sacrifice style for comfort so i want both at once!

I've been on a mini-fast since saturday so i've pretty much been having one meal everyday. But i'm aware that this can have an adverse effect on my health so i've been taking supplements with my meals in the evening and also having two sachets of benefiber with water. I've even managed to drink a litre of water daily excluding my daily 2 cups of herbal tea. I haven't had dandelion tea yet though, and i havent craved coffee either so i'm guessing that must be a good thing. Tonight, i'm going to make myself egg fried rice for dinner so i'm looking forward to that. One thing that i've been craving on a consistent basis since i started on saturday is oats/porridge. I'm guessing this is because i usually have it for breakfast everyday!

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