Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 23: I'm Sick And Tired Of Losing Weight

It's only day 23 in my weightloss journey and i'm already tired of it. I'm not just tired; i'm bored and sick of it already. This week i don't have any lectures cause next week is exams and i managed to sleep for 16 hours straight last night excluding the two toilet breaks i had inbetween. I don't even know why i'm so tired but i havent done anything today and it's already 6.15pm in the evening so my whole day has been pretty much wasted. People tend to say that you reach a stage when you hit the 'wall' and can't seem to do anything. Usually you're meant to find something to motivate you to get past this stage but not even Halle Berry, Adriana Lima, Karolina Kurkova, Heidi Klum or even Dita Von Teese seem to be motivating me to get past this stage. Yesterday, i walked for an hour up and down the rigorous hill cause i went to town with JieJie and i also had to walk back home from the bus stop; all because i didn't want to spend $1.90 on the bus. Hmm.....

I haven't weighed myself yet and i have 3 weeks left before i can actually weigh myself. The goal i set was to be 6 kilos lighter and 1 dress size smaller by the 30th of June. I know that i'm still inbetween weight wise because i have a pair of size 14 jeans that i tried on today. After zipping up, i swear i couldn't even breathe and the muffin top i had from wearing it is much more than i've ever had, ever!!!! So that's a clear sign that i'm not fully a size 14 yet so i have a lot of work still to do. Do you think i can get down to my goal in the next 20 days?? By the way, you all know i gave up sugar using the Goop process and i'm not craving sugar so much because i've been taking Chromium supplements and simply swapped sugar for honey. But today, i realised that a spoonful of sugar for my oats is actually worth a whopping 100 calories! Who knew huh? Here's what i've consumed today:

Lunch: Oats with soy milk and 2 slices of toast [told you guys i'm getting addicted to it]. 2 glasses of water.

I'm just off to do a workout now so i'll probably have a boiled egg and a cup of black tea and maybe a cup of herbal tea afterwards as i don't see the point in eating much today since i'll be going back to bed in about 5 hours time.

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