Sunday, June 14, 2009

Going Through A Pink Phase

Over the week, i've had technology induced problems with my phone and my laptop. Now i'm constantly having to charge my phone daily so i can get some use out of it without the battery magically dying on me in between phone calls. My phone seems to be getting to the stage where it needs to be laid to rest and i haven't even used it for a year; it's just been 10 months i think cause i believe i bought it in september last year for A$100. I'm guessing this is to be expected from a cheap phone that costs less than my flats. But even with this excuse, i'm not impressed by this fact. To make matters worse, my laptop has decided to live a life of its own. It doesn't boot except the battery is plugged on to the wall and i can't use it for more than 5 minutes at the most with it off the wall. On the days when it decides to actually start up with plugging in the battery, it boots half way and then turns itself off waiting for me to turn it back on. Exactly what is the life span of a laptop? Because i've had mine for 13 months now and it's acting like i've had it for 3 years. My technology savvy friend says its because it's a HP/Compaq laptop and that i need to go get myself a Sony or an Apple. Well, i think i'm going to count an Apple out as that's what i want for my graduation present and it has to have at least 320GB of memory in it so that'll shoot my laptop budget to over A$2000 which i'm not willing to shell my own cash for. So this leaves a Sony to ponder over.
Whilst browsing their website, i realised that they've got several shades of pink laptops. Now, on a normal day i'm not one to go for pink gadgets and all but i'm currently undergoing an involuntary pink phase where i'm wanting everything in pink. It all started with me looking specifically for pink sticky notes. And now i'm going to get the Samsung SGH-G600 phone in pink as well. You can add a Sony laptop to the list of bubblegum pink items i'll have adorning my room. As if that isn't bad enough, i would like to crystallise the face of my laptop as seen below but i'm not too sure about the Hello Kitty on my laptop. Maybe using crystals to write over the Vaio logo enblazoned on the cover of my laptop??? How Paris Hilton is that?! And if she were here, she'd say 'THAT'S HOT!'.
I almost forgot to mention, i found an external hard drive by Western Digital in Pink and it'll look soooooo hot sitting next to an iPod nano in pink as well. Talk about total devastation and mentality. I happen to own a deep pink scarf at the moment that reminds me of a friend of mine who lives in UK. This girl is pink diseased as she owns several tops in pink. Her lipglosses compulsorily must be in pink and we had to convince her against getting streaks in her hair in pink as that was pushing it way too far. So i'm sure she's going to be very excited to hear about my new pink interest. Funnily enough, i'm slowly beginning to actually listen to Pink's song 'Please don't leave me' as i've never been a fan of hers in the past. So is it the season of the pink moniker? Or is it the fact that Autumn is now the new Winter. By the way, Christmas in July is certainly drawing closer because i saw a couple of Christmas lights when i went into town during the week.
For those of you who are interested in purchasing or just looking at the specs of the Sony laptop, click here to view one of them.....enjoy!

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