Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wollongong est Baisée!!!

So exams are finally over and i can breathe a sigh of relief. I have approximately one month to rest my brain from the gruelling academic workout of studying. And i'm going to need it since i'll be taking Accounting and International Trade next year. But i've got to move out of my current place on the 5th of July so i'm going to try and start packing slowly as opposed to the night before moving like i'm accustomed to doing. That reminds me, i have no idea when the exam results are actually coming out.....pfft. Anyways i'm going to try and focus all my energy into working out and eating healthy for the next couple of days because my weigh-in is coming up on the 30th of June so it's time to buckle up and get into it. I no longer have the excuse of studying for exams to stop me from doing a 1hour workout daily.

JieJie and I went to Wollongong on Saturday and we were shocked to see that most of the shops inside one of the shopping mall were all closing down. It's such a shocker because this means that there's less eye candy for me for the next one month and this is really scary. Does it mean that the shops are never coming back or is it just a refurbishment? One of the shops had a note on their shopfront window saying they'll reopen in august. August???? What on earth am i meant to do between now and then? Plus i was hoping that i could apply for a job there? Bloody cows! Anway the financial crisis seems to be throwing some wrenches into my weightloss plan. At the moment i need to purchase a new laptop and a new wardrobe and something's gotta give. It's either i forfeit my laptop for my new wardrobe - which i'm considering, or try not to go less than a size 14 so i can still wear most of my size 16 clothes - which i absolutely would hate to do. That is except i can look like America Ferrera or Kourtney Kardashian.

Does anyone know what size these girls might be? If you do, please feel free to let me know in the comments. Australian, US or UK dress sizes most preferable :)
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