Thursday, June 4, 2009

Days 16 & 17: Can't Wait For The Uni Break To Come!

All day yesterday, i was busy trying to finish up my reflective journal which i gladly concluded at about 1am in the morning. I'm currently trying to do a reflective summary of my journal. What's more; i don't even get the whole idea behind the bloody reflective journal because i don't even get the gist of reflecting on it. What am i supposed to do? Act like a mirror of my lectures and tutes? The whole process is doing my head in and i can't wait to hand it in tomorroow so i know it's dona and over with. This is my last piece of assessment for the semester after which i have to start studying for 4 exams...phew! I had to say that one pretty fast before i choked on it. Got my SPSS exam scores back and i got 26/35...i'm impressed and i guess it was worth staying up till a bit late to write down all the calculations i needed to know about prior to the exam.
For a while now, i've been contemplating giving up my daily coffee grind and only having it once-in-a-blue moon as a treat for myself. Coffee is known to make people lethargic, stain your teeth, give you coffee breath and also make you feel bloated. Well, i'm going to be taking the plunge on giving up coffee from next week and i'm extremely scared. I bought dandelion tea yesterday because it's meant to be like coffee without the caffeine and lactose involved so i'm hoping i can use that to wean myself off coffee. Has anyone ever drank dandelion tea before? My mum used to drink mistletoe tea when i still lived at home and that crap tasted vile so i've already stocked up on honey because i'm not interested in having any bitter-aftertaste in my mouth. My mum said they taste similar so i'm really not taking any chances on that one.
Here's what i ate yesterday:
Breakfast: 2 slices of toast with diary-free butter spread
Dinner: Pasta with tomato sauce
Snack: 3 mini cubes of chicken [i was trying to convinve myself it was chocolate...ha!]. 3 cups of black tea with soy milk.
Exercise: 30 minutes dvd workout.
And today:
Lunch: Oats with 2 slices of toast & diary-free butter spread
Dinner: Rice, tomato sauce and chicken
Snack: 2 cups of black tea with soy milk
Exercise: 30 minutes dvd workout
For some reason, i'm slowly losing my appetite for food. Instead i've been drinking lots of black tea and herbal tea; i've even been drinking warm water. It's almost like i'm craving any sort of liquid that can be ingested warm or hot. Tomorrow i'm going to treat myself to a cup of Gloria Jeans coffee as it's going to be my last cup of coffee for a very long time. I think i might buy myself a bar of snickers chocolate as well, who knows! I might end up feeling guilty and saving myself $1.70.
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