Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 22: Falling In Love With Bubles And Burberry

This is the 22nd day so far in my weightloss journey and i was pretty hungry today despite having breakfast and dinner. I had oats with soy milk and two slices of toast; for dinner i had rice mixed with pasta and tomato sauce. Anyway, the picture above is the Burberry fall campaign 2008 and i've just seen the one for this fall at Red Carpet Fashion Awards with Emma Watson and i'm absolutely loving it. I'm seriously thinking of carving a massive chunk off my budget to get something from Burberry when i go shopping at the end of July. But that would mean that i would be starving for quite sometime because the money has to come out from some other place i've allocated my money to go to. Hmmm, my saving account maybe? That's a bad idea; but there's nothing like getting a job with a great pay that would enable me to save up the money necessary to shop at Burberry without having that guilty nag at the back of my head.

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