Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 24: Dandelion Horror, Mood Diary And Feeling Sexy

I don't know if i'm feeling any better than yesterday, but i did wake up much earlier today - 6am to be precise. I was hoping to squeeze in an early morning workout but i was in no mood for grapevines, squats or jumping jacks so i focused my attention to studying for my microeconomics exam and also doing one of the exercises from Anne Hartley's 'Love The Life You Live'. But towards 11am this morning, i started to feel drab and doudy; a feeling that's common to me and usually counteracted by a cup of coffee from Rush or Gloria Jeans but being that i'm trying to cut down my coffee consumption only to pleasurable moments, i decided to give my dandelion tea a try. I can't even begin to explain how it tasted; all i can say is that it's got a certain acquired taste to it so if you're the kind of person who appreciates green tea and wheatgrass shots, then you'll probably like it. If on the other hand, you don't fall into that category, it's a good idea to have some tic tac close by because you might want to counteract the taste. Or maybe it's just because i had mine with honey; and talking about honey i'm going to see if i can find low calorie sugar tomorrow because i see no reason why i should be consuming 100 calories just from a serving of honey!
Talking about mood diaries, i'll give you a brief explanation as to what it's about and its importance. Mood diaries are basically a timely chat of your mood - hourly - to see what energy state you're in inorder to assess what's wrong with you. You can either be in a low energy state or a high energy state. So if you're in a low energy state, the majority of your diary would consist of feelings like sadness, loneliness, tired, cranky, agitated, lethargic, overwhelmed, worried, get the idea. When you're in a high energy state, it's the total opposite. So you'll be feeling happy, estatic, fantastic, energised, loved...etc. My mood diary today consists of pretty much only low energy states. The idea of keeping a mood diary enables you to evaluate what's going on in your head and in your life so if you're consistently in a low energy state, you're meant to try and figure out the main reason that's constantly affecting your mood. Well, i'll be doing mine next week Wednesday when i have my appointment with George. To me, this is another form of the 'Hall of Shame'.
So yesterday i talked about how sick and tired i was of trying to lose weight. Well, after writing that post i sank my teeth into 2 different dvd workouts and exercised for roughly an hour. I did a 29 minute aerobics workout and Leslie Sanson's 3 mile walk at home. I have to say that whilst doing these exercises, i could feel my thigh muscles from walking up and down the hill. The main reason i garnered up some motivation to workout last night was the need to feel sexy again. Yup, all it took was for me to take off my top and see my pot belly and before you could say 'Jack Robinson', i was already putting on my trainers and workout gear. I'm also not liking the 'lift' my breasts have without my bra on so it's time to start doing push ups. Gosh, i absolutely hate them and i could only manage to do 10 before my face permanently kissed the floor. So i'm trying to keep up the motivation by working out tonight as well. I have a date with Leslie Sansone's 3-mile walk and Carmen Electra's 'Aerobic Striptease Workout'. I want to look like both of these models by the end of the year; but i currently look like this!
I've only just realised that an Australian/UK size 16 is actually a US 12! I thought that was equivalent to a US 14! Well i guess i should be happy, and now i'm beginning to understand why Jennifer Hudson said she's a size 12. Go figure! Here are two quotes i saw today:

Beauty is acceptance. Its being kind to other people and accepting yourself.

Sexiness is a state of mind, a comfortable state of being. It's about loving yourself in your most unlovable moments - Halle Berry.

Here's what i ate today
Breakfast: 2 fried eggs and 2 slices of toast with diary-free butter.
Brunch: dandelion tea with soy milk and honey; 2 glasses of water
Dinner: Home-made egg fried rice with 1 glass of water
Post-dinner: I cup of black tea with soy milk and honey

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