Thursday, September 17, 2009


When it comes to jackets and wristwatches, i must admit that i'm extremely picky. Okay, so maybe i'm picky in general but jackets and wristwatches have a way of elevating a bland ensemble to 'simply chic' status. I'm not really into accessorising or excessorising as Rachel Zoe likes to call it. I'm all for the no-fuss, stress-free look. Due to my pickiness, i ended up not buying any winter jacket in Australia because none satisfied me enough to shell out some dough for it. Due to this, i'm looking to US and UK to purchase my winter jacket for next year. As far as pickiness goes, this leather jacket above by Warehouse certainly satisfies my needs. It's simple, chic and doesn't look like your regular leather jacket non? It actually reminds me of a Spring topshop jacket i own. You can purchase this jacket from ASOS for £150. Since we're moving toards the summer months here in Australia, i'm going to put this jacket under my ASOS sales watch list because if it goes on sale, i'm definately buying myself one.
I've never really been a fan of the whole denim leggings or jeggings or treggings fashion trend. But when i saw this Villa denim legging on ASOS, i was really impressed because from the pictures it really does look more like your average jeans than leggings. I think this might be due to the ripped detail and also how the legs just graze the calf and ankles as opposed to the skintight look you get with leggings. You can purchase this from ASOS for £40.
Since i've started a love affair with my boobs, i think it's appropriate to interest you guys in this bra by Caprice. I used to buy her bras when i lived in UK and the few i got were quite comfortable. If you're looking to get extra boobies without effort then i suggest you invest in her bras because they do give you a slight Wonder Bra effect. I love the straps on this and also the bow detail in the cleavage area. You can totally wear this under a mens style shirt whilst still feeling really sexy because you know what's underneath. The sizes go up to a G cup and would set you back £20 for an A to D cup or £22 for an E to G cup.
This post would not be complete without a blazer that can be worn during these Spring months in Australia. And if the weather these last few days is anything to go by, we might be needing one because it is actually looking more like the British spring than the Australian spring i experienced last year. But not to worry because i bring you this ASOS boyfriend blazer with the rolled up sleeve that is oh so chic and very comfy to keep the chills away and light enough not to make you drench in sweat when it does decide to get warmer. You'll also appreciate the versatility of it as you can easily pair it with jeans or denim cut offs or even cute dressed during the day; and at night over a party dress. It would only hurt your wallet by about £50. While we're at it, might i also interest you in my favourite jewels of the moment from ASOS? Long horse engraved pendant for £8 and Disney Couture ring for £25. Happy shopping ^_^
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