Sunday, September 20, 2009

These Days, Shopping Is...

...just plain boring and depressing. It is difficult to come up with a resounding answer as to why it feels this way to me. It's not the fact that half of the shopping mall has been closed for a while because i'm already over that, plus there's online shopping. I don't have any politically or psychologically sound reason for this feeling. Of course, i still love going to look at clothes and admiring the beauty of fabrics and their craftsmanship. But to put them in my closet? Well, that's where the lack of interest starts...You see, my closet is filled with clothes that i've rarely worn since i purchased them. As a matter of fact, i haven't worn 2/3 of my t-shirts this semester. They're just there adorning the hangers and creating an illusion in my wardrobe while i rotate the same ensembles week after week. My post on Jessica Biel yesterday made me think long and hard about this. Maybe i'm turning into the Australian version of Jessica? Before i couldn't wait to go shopping or own things or add another item to my wishlist. Now i'm more interested in snow than shopping and i don't have a wishlist anymore. I actually deleted 4 pages worth of stuff because i just couldn't be arsed about it. Now it's just more interesting watching people wear stuff; i've even lost interest in buying magazines. The only thing i've managed to garner some interest in is bras because my boobs began to 'speak' to me and i had to listen...I definitely know the recession has nothing to do with this because i'm an economist so i know that for a country to get out of recession, there needs to be an inflow of money into the economy. In simple english - people need to spend!!!
On a side note, somebody in the kitchen thought it was a brilliant idea to replace the usual supply of soy milk with rice milk. Soy milk is already bad as it is and i had to train myself to learn to drink it. But rice milk? That's another issue on its own. For starters it looks worse than skimmed milk; it's like staring at coloured water!!! And don't even get me started on the texture in your mouth; i'm pretty sure me chewing A4 paper has more texture than the rice milk they put out. I don't know if it's just the brand of rice milk but it tastes vile!!! It's LIQUID VERMIN!
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