Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's Official...

...i'm slowly turning into a certified drama queen. I spent the remaining half of last week [from Wednesday evening] thinking that i'd failed one of my tests. Thinking about it now, it's quite hilarious because i was only certain that i'd lost 5 marks out of the 20 marks available because the lecturer was telling someone the answer to the questions afterwards. But hey, that really didn't stop me from dramatising in my head. The word FAIL doesn't resonate well with me at all when it comes to my academic life because i know how much money it costs per semester. Anyways, i got my results today for the test and i got 60%; although i'm not all too impressed, at least i didn't fail. Don't worry, i'm not going to tell you guys what i got in the remaining assessments for the subject because i'll feel like i'm rubbing it in your faces but it was definately better than a 60%. Now, i have one more test score to get because i had 2 different tests on Wednesday. It's time to start shitting myself with worry; only God knows what is taking my lecturer such a long time to put the scores up. Hello, it's not like we're more than a 100 people in that class anyway...
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