Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Move Over Amazon...

...because i have found Australia's answer to and it is none other than Fishpond! I'm a sucker for buying books and NLP audio books and i usually had to result to ordering them online from Amazon because most bookshops here didn't carry stuff like those. Although Amazon is a bit cheaper because i can get lots of second hand copies, the whole shipping issue and the drama of having all my international purchases leading to me having to pay custom charges - which hasn't ever happened but i'm really scared of - usually means that i have to schedule my purchases so it doesn't look like i never shop in Australia. But they have everything i want including Grand Designs, Pride & Prejudice, French Women Don't Sleep Alone. Plus you get free shipping on orders over $49!!! They even say on their site that they are better than Amazon!!! Well, i'll be the judge of that as i'll soon be ordering a few items from them....
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