Friday, September 11, 2009

It'a All About Printing...

Before we get onto fashion, i just need to mention the fact that i bought myself an all-in-one printer on Tuesday for $59! This is my first printer ever! I know, i'm a bit late on that scene but the feeling is magically orgasmic. I can scan all my magazine pages that interest me without having to worry about the need to cut them and glue them onto my scrap books. I used to have 3 of those until i did a ruthless dejunking last night; scanned all the pages that still interests me and chucked the rest right into the bin. The feeling of getting rid of magazine cut outs as far as 2004 is both exhilirating and liberating. It's almost like all that junk has been blocking my chi and now i'm on a mission to get rid of any magazines in my room that is older than August 2009. Any page that interests me can now be easily scanned onto my laptop and stored forever ^_^.

Now onto the fashion aspect; lately i've been garnering some interest in clothing that has printed motifs onto it. Like the Miss Sixty one above or the Killah one below. I love how the patterns have been printed onto the tees to create an illusion and i'm also loving the slight graffiti effect going on. The Killah t-shirt below reminds me of some mini skirts i saw at Cotton On yesterday as it's the same pattern and the same grey shade but the print on the skirt was on a black background. I'm pretty sure that Supre would soon catch up on this trend. You can purchase both t-shirts from ASOS. The Miss Sixty waistcoat print t-shirt would set you back £45 while the Killah bodice print t-shirt costs £30.
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