Sunday, September 6, 2009

Snoring Queen

When i saw my flatmate in the dining hall this morning, i said 'hi' to her only to receive a blank face and the response 'i could hear you snoring through the walls all night!'. I kinda feel for her though cause we are two snorers in a row next to her so i can't imagine how she manages to sleep at night. And to worsen the situation, our beds are next to the same wall so it makes it even easier for her to get woken up at night. Usually when people talk about snoring, they usually emphasise on males but about 8% of the female population in Australia snores. I tend to hear girls saying stuff like 'i can't share a bed with a man who snores'. So does this mean that when i get married in the future i'd have to have my own room separate from my man? It has been rumoured that Madonna used to make Guy Ritchie sleep in another room because he snores terribly. Well, i personally don't like sharing rooms because i know i'm a loud snorer and sometimes i even wake myself up at night from the sound of my own snoring. I actually feel bad for my mum cause she had to put up with my dad and i snoring every night when i still lived at home. My dad and i could form a symphony orchestra just with our snoring capabilities and if we were to compose a song with it; he'll probably be bass and i'll be tenor.
Anyways, i've been reading up about snoring and sleep distruptions for quite some time now and the facts are actually quite scary. Here's the link to a website that talks about snoring and other sleeping disorders. I remember when i used to have movie sleepovers at my friend's house. Whilst everyone would be asleep, i'd force myself to stay up all night because i was the only one who snored and i didn't want to keep the others up all night. So last week, i actually bought myself a mouthpiece that is meant to help with snoring my pushing the jaw forward in order to free up the airway. It cost me $67 including postage and packaging so it had better work because i would be a very upset customer if it doesn't. For those who are interested, i got it from this site. Snoring might be the reason i always wake up very tired everyday...
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