Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's Never Too Late... start afresh, to turn a new leaf, to change your life or to follow the path you want. It's only too late if you decide that it is. You don't need to go back into your past and change it because you can't. You don't need to wait for a miracle or an epiphany because it might never happen. I hope you're not waiting for someone to die before you decide to do what it is that excites you because that person might end up outliving you. I know, sometimes it takes someone to give us a hot slap in order for us to breathe a new breath into our existence. But why wait for the slap from someone else? Why not just do it yourself? I'm not trying to sit in front of my laptop and just preach away, I'm trying to motivate myself, and those of you who happen to read my blog that you can start from anywhere. You can start from right now and just take it one day at a time. You don't need to try and swallow the entire chicken; just take a bite and chew slowly. Savour the moment and enjoy the tast and then move on to another bite. But always remember that there might be some people on the way who want to pull you down; those people who don't want you to succeed. They can be like a piece of bone in your chicken poking the insides of your mouth. Don't let that hold you down, just remember that the wind tests the strength of the oak tree and even when the wind is really hard, the oak tree bends but it never snaps. So take all the bitches, all the criticisms and all the stand-offs as a way to reaffirm it to yourself of what it is you're hoping to achieve. Of course, sometimes it hurts but that's life. We've got to find a way to roll with the punches and just keep living.
As for me, i'm taking baby steps to eleviate myself from my social awkwardness status. It started with me talking to one stranger a day. But this week on thursday, i actually participated in event in my college. It wasn't awesome and i'm not going to lie; i didn't really enjoy it. But that wasn't the point of me going, the point was for me to get out of my comfort zone. I admit that i wish i started this much earlier in the semester because now everyone is in their own clique/posse so it's difficult to start making new friends. But no one said that change was easy at all. It can be pretty daunting and sometimes, just the thought of it makes me want to crawl back under my covers and watch the movies that i own and have already seen over a 100 times. But each day, i try to push myself just to do something. Anyway, hope you guys have a great weekend. I'm spending mine trying to do an accounting report on Billabong International Limited. Just reading their 112 page annual report for 2008 has cemented my decision that Accounting is not the profession that i want to indulge in.

Remember, you are the change that you seek!!! Bonne nuit mes amis!
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