Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Currently Stalking...

Whilst shopping in Sydney with the girls about 2 weeks or so ago, we stumbled across the shoe shop ZU that also boasts an impressive online store. Cue major heart palpitations as i saw shoes so beautiful i could resort to the life art of starving so i can collect them all to adorn my cupboard and make for beautiful art sculptures on my wall and impressive arts of engineering. But herein lies the problem. I hardly ever go anywhere so it is a bit difficult for me to justify an expenditure of $150+ on a pair of shoes that has a 1% chance of seeing daylight or hitting the pavement. I currently have four pairs of heels and only two of them have ever been worn; once each. So there we go, kinda difficult to justify my purchase right? Well, at least those ones cost me less than $70 each as i bought three of them on sale whilst in Sunshine Coast, Queensland. The shoe above is called LA SCALA and would set you back $160. I just love it because of its sculptural look and it looks like something a high powered lady or a female warrior would wear. The chances of me falling flat on my face wearing it? 90%!!!
This one is named FOOTLOOSE and reminds me of the current celebrity cult-following of Christian Louboutin's lace boots and they're waaaaaay cheaper than Loubies. Loubies are definitely an injustifiable purchase in my life at this moment except someone else paid for it without initially offering me the cash sum. This pair would set you back about $150. I'm hoping they'll both go on sale at some point so i can actually buy them for myself and my shelves!!!
Images via Zushoe.com.au


  1. Hey Hermine!

    I'm back :) I like La Scala much more than FootLoose, but La Scala reminds me Givenchy style. Great finding :)

  2. Welcome back Anna!!! I thought you had disappeared for good so i took your blog off my reading list but now you're back i'm putting it back up. I love the La Scala one as well but i'm scared i'll fall flat on my face as i'm terrible when it comes to walking in stilettos...


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