Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Homeless Chic

When it comes to channeling the 'homeless chic' look, no one does it better than Johnny Depp and Mary Kate Olsen. If it was someone else other than these two sporting these looks in the pictures, they would just look absolutely retarded and whacky but these two manage to bring their own swagga and 'je ne sais quoi' to the entire ensemble that it is almost shocking. I must admit that i'm not really a fan of these looks but i have to applaud them for even making an effort. Mary Kate does seem to look like she's borrowing her style tips from Johnny Depp and Ozzy Osbourne sometimes.
As for me, recent incidents have shown that i'm actually styleless as i've been trying to put together a fashion album for myself as inspiration and i've also been writing down a shopping list of things i would like to save up to buy. Some of the pictures i've collected actually suprise me as they aren't things that i'd have thought i'd like. But i guess you never really know until you try.
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