Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sex As Power?

My final exams start in exactly 2 weeks from today and i decided to start revising for my subjects in the order in which i'll be taking them. The first one i have is a Management course on Saturday ans as i was reading my text on organisational power and analysis, i came accross an interesting article. The people who wrote this textbook certainly had no plans to hold back and in that manner it is actually more engaging and interesting. This particular article was talking about the battle of sexes for power in the corporate world. We know that today females are still paid less than their male counterparts in the same job roles. The only female in a particular board of directors group was trying to get her fellow members to vote on something she believed in and when she didn't get as many votes as she expected, she got upset and said that the only reason they didn't vote was because she was female. The head of the board then said to her that if she had used her vagina instead of her mouth, maybe she'd have gotten more votes. Before i continue, might i add that this is actually a true life incident that was included in the text for educational purposes. It could be argued that that was a very sexist comment but in reality what he said is actually something that tends to occur in organisations even if they tend to be frowned upon or unspoken.
I know this for a fact because i saw this in one of the companies i interned at during one of my holidays back home. Of course, everyone in the office hated the lady because she easily got all her stuff approved and funded by the boss because she was sleeping with him while all the other ladies usually got told off and were referred to work under their male counterparts as opposed to heading their own projects. If i had read this chapter pre-2004 before moving to England, i'd have jumped on the bandwagon naming her a slut and every other demeaning thing you could think of on the face of the earth. But now, after reading it, my mind went straight to an episode of Sex & The City i watched where Samantha said that she saw nothing wrong in using sex to get ahead. After all, in her own words, men have been using and abusing women for centuries so why cant women use their sexuality if it gets them what they want? In an ideal world i would obviously prefer that we were all treated equally but in reality, we do not live in an ideal world. So now, although i would get hurt by a colleague of mine getting ahead simply because she used her sexuality as bait, it is also the path that colleague has chosen to follow so I cant really criticise.
After all, the less i judge people or worry about what they think of me or their own methods etc. the less stressful life would be. But then again, it is easier said than done!
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