Thursday, October 1, 2009

Joined At The Hip

Since fashion week began, Rachel Bilson and her stylist Nicole Chavez have been popping up everywhere together so i've compiled a few pictures of them where they're wearing something i love. I love the picture above for two reasons. Rachel has proved to me that you can indeed get away with wearing tights and open-toe boots without looking like a complete moron and i'm really really loving Nicole's boots. They're just fabulous and it looks like it has two different colours embedded in it: grey and black although it isn't easily noticeable.
Here it's all about Nicole's croc clutch and her tights. I have to find me a pair of tights that look just like that. Is it just me or do her bangs look uneven?
In this picture, you can just about see Nicole on the left wearing a pair of tan heels that look to me like cut-out boots and i love Rachel's heels as well. They're cute with the bow detail in front and they seem to be a bit transparent like the new Louboutins that celebrities have been sporting. I wish i could see the front of those pink hot heels; i can just imagine Paris Hilton wearing it for some reason...
It's all about Rachel's clutch; that barbed wire effect running through it just gives it some pizzaz!! Do you think i could find myself one that looks very similar for a reasonable price??
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