Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wanting And Needing...

These bad boys are seriously calling out to my heart; how hot are these Burberry Wellington boots? Ok, so i'm not a festival goer because i can get claustrophobic on rare occasions but these are absolutely perfect for the rainy season and a sure more stylish alternative to UGGS or my EMU boots. I just love the purple, there's something so exquisite about the colour on rubber and i'm soooo getting these even if it means i might have to starve myself for one month. These babies would set you back £95.65 and you can get them here.
I can never have too many black footwear in my wardrobe and this is a sexy substitute for the days when purple isn't really calling to my heart right? I especially love how it's got the laced-up aspect to it. The simplicity just adds to the classiness of it and i can see The Queen of England absolutely rocking this (yeah right) and since i'm feeling like a Queen myself i want a pair of these next year before the Australian winter comes around. It would be a good substitute for biker boots non? I would look like a chic farmers wife just coming from my organic garden. These would set you back £178.26 and you can get them here.
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