Monday, October 12, 2009

My Love-Hate For Technology

For sometime now, i've been unable to use the internet because the network card on my laptop is dead and this means that the only connection my laptop can identify is the wireless version. Unfortunately for me, the uni has capped the internet usage for each semester at about 500mb!!! Seriously, i can blow through that amount in the space of a day let alone an entire semester. So this means that the only way i can access the internet is when i come to uni and i've got some free time in-between to do some bits and blobs of blogging. This is the laptop i'm hoping to purchase after i've been able to save up all the money for it. It is currently out of stock which is great because Windows has decided to update its software fromWindows Vista to Windows 7. The good news is that hopefully, by the time this laptop becomes available again on the Sony website, it should have been automatically upgraded to include the Windows 7 because i have no plans on purchasing a new laptop that doesn't come with the Windows 7 specs except it's a MAC. But let's not even get into that conversation shall we?! I've been eyeing up the Macbook pro for a while and if i configure it to the specs that i want, it'll probably set me cack at about $2200 to $2300 while the Sony is about $2000. But let's not forget that if i choose to buy a MAC, i'll also need to get Microsoft Office for MAC which is about $200 extra. Hmmm....For those who are interested in the Sony laptop, you can find it here.
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